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Muse Entry: Inspiration from the Desert

2015 Mailbox

Throughout history as well as in present time, people go to the desert to reflect, search for meaning, be initiated into a new stage of life and seek visions.  Perhaps it’s the arid and demanding environment with its radical temperature changes and minimal vegetation.  Maybe it’s the quiet and solitude offered from the stillness. Whatever the … [Read more...]


Tool: The Leader’s Success Notebook

writing in red nails

Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value. Albert Einstein Last month I wrote about how leaders need to re-evaluate periodically how they measure success. There are several common business and cultural standards for what achievement could look like but success is also very individualized. Today I’m … [Read more...]


How do you know if you are a success?


Success needs to be redefined. The problem with the current dominant leadership and business paradigms are that their definition of success has serious limitations. These models of financial gain at high costs, of quarterly results and immediate gratification are not sustainable. Not only are they not maintainable, they don’t really take … [Read more...]


Core Assumption #1 of Conscious Leadership


Previously I illustrated an important leadership concept called strategic choice points. Here I’d like to introduce you to one of the core assumptions that inform the work of The Joy Resolution and Conscious Leadership: Who you are as a person defines the territory of your leadership. Your ‘leadership territory’ is indicated not only by the … [Read more...]